Internet Marketing Articles – How to Get Started Article Marketing

My first impression of internet article marketing was, wow that sounds easy. My first attempt at writing an article my thoughts were more like, “Wow, this is harder than I thought”.

Fast forward to today and over a hundred articles later. There has been some bumps and bruises along the way. What this article is for is to help you fast forward over the mistakes I have made so you can experience success faster!

There are 3 easy techniques in marketing articles that have served me well online. Do these three things consistently and often. Do not stop after your first ten articles. You are barely getting started at that point. Give yourself a chance to get good at it before you quit!

Do Great Keyword Research

Keyword research can make the difference between your article getting read or not. A very good keyword tool to use is the Google keyword tool. To find this tool just Google it and it will be the first search result.

When you are searching for a keyword for your article Google the keyword and see what kind of results you get. Typically you want to stay with keywords that have less than 600,000 search results.

Also be aware of what results are coming up. Are there other articles ranking? Is there social media sites ranking? If there is there is a good chance you will be able to get your article ranked.

Now when I am doing keyword research I often find some of my articles ranking that I was not even aware of. The best one to date is when I found my article in the number one spot in over seven million search results. It feels like you won a traffic lottery!

Give Great Content and Always Avoid Selling in Your Articles.

When you are writing your article for marketing forget about the marketing part. That is what your resource box is for. The article it to help your reader. Use it to give great content.

Your reader most likely found your article when they were looking for a solution to one of their problems. They are looking for credible information. The last thing they want is to be pitched on your product or business.

Use your article to solve one of their problems and you will gain instant credibility in the eyes of your readers!

Submit Your Article to EzineArticles

In my experience with article marketing EzineArticles provides an easy and effective site to submit your articles to. If you write a good article and it has your keywords dispersed naturally through it you have a very good chance of ranking in the search engines.

The reason I suggest only submitting to one directory is because it is simple and effective. I have submitted to a handful of other directories but I seem to always get the best rankings from EzineArticles in the search engines. Do not waste your time being overwhelmed by submitting to a gazillion directories.

After you get proficient at writing and submitting articles there are more advanced techniques to use. I suggest you get all your firsts out of the way. Most of the time the hardest part is just getting started!

Marketing with articles on the internet takes time and practice just like any other marketing strategy. The beauty of it really is in the compounding effects of your efforts over time.

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